We recognize that there are some outstanding companies in the industry with which you can choose to do business . So the fact that you are considering VitaPatch for your needs deeply honors us.

Our Mission Statement

The following set of principles is a commitment made by each person associated with VitaPatch.  For us, this is not just a “corporate” culture; it is a way of life… a philosophy deeply ingrained in each aspect of our lives as individuals and as a team of innovators dedicated to your passion for healthy living.

Our Deeper Purpose

VitaPatch is committed to help relieve and heal the suffering of the world.  To fulfill this vision, each member of the VitaPatch team is fully engaged and genuinely dedicated to creating an informed and healthy humanity, striving to achieve a world without disease.  VitaPatch, an earth-friendly company, employs extensive research and development possibilities, and utilizes the natural world of healing substances to create and provide products that offer enduring health benefits to humankind.

Our Family of Customers

Our customers are part of our family, and we strive to know, understand and gladly serve your health care needs.  When you experience the health benefits our products provide and when we exceed your expectations, the VitaPatch destiny is assured.  We believe that fulfilling this vision as well as supporting the less fortunate in the world community, VitaPatch and our family of customers will grow in every way imaginable.


Our Commitment To Quality

VitaPatch is uncompromising in its commitment to “Quality and Excellence”.  We take pride in this quality standard, because the well-being our customers is at the core of everything we do.  It pervades every part of our corporate culture from the depth of scientific research applied to product development, sourcing done to deliver unique, cutting-edge ingredients, and upholding service standards that put our customers first.


All of our products are manufactured and tested in an FDA registered and a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facility.  Every product goes through rigorous quality control and assurance testing protocols.  All ingredients have been certified and are analyzed to ensure premium quality. 


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